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Save the Date

We want to give you the opportunity to secure our services for your special date!

In an effort to allow you greater peace of mind, we have created a Short-Term Retainer Program, which will allow you the First Right of Refusal to obtain our catering services for your special date.

We write custom catering proposals and contracts for each event. During our summer busy season, we are focused on best serving our catering clients so we have limited time to work on detailed proposals for the next year.

For people who are planning ahead for the following year, we will gladly sit down with you for 20 or 30 minutes to see if our company is a good fit for your event. However, we may not be able to draft a complete proposal for your review until after our busy summer season ends, generally around November 1st. For this reason, we created the below Short-Term Retainer Program.

Please consider retaining our services with $100 to have the First Right of Refusal to obtain our Catering Services for your special date. Please make your check payable to Northern Delights, LLC.

  • It establishes a mutual commitment on a particular date but defers the writing of a proposal for your special event until November 1st.
  • Doing so ensures you that we do not schedule another event that would conflict with the best interests of your special event.
  • The $100 gets applied as part of your initial deposit in our catering contract.
  • Doing so gives both of us peace of mind:You know that you have secured our professional services at least until November 1st at which point we can start to compose an acceptable catering contract from November 1 – December 1.
  • Your $100 retainer will be returned to you if we fail to compose an acceptable catering proposal by December 1st.

No later than November 1st we will begin creating a catering contract that fulfills your ultimate dream wedding or event. We will start with a telephone conversation -or- an interview in person about your plans and visions for your wedding reception or special event, after which we will generate a draft proposal for your review. Once you receive the first draft,  you will be asked to review it and let us know how you feel about it. With your feedback, we will make revisions to it, so that it meets your tastes, budgets and all of your needs. This should take about ten days, if not less.
Your cooperation providing feed back refining the proposal is important and will enable us to take a rough draft to a final draft proposal quickly. As soon as we have finished revising and we have an acceptable final draft, you will be asked to print the final proposal, sign it and send it in the mail with your deposit to our billing address. Once we receive it,  we will sign the final draft proposal (now a contract) and send you copies for your records.
If you are interested in securing our catering services, please download and send the following form…

Temporary Retainer 09.27.17

Thank you for your patience in complying with our new retainer policy. Please contact me if you have any questions and/or concerns.

Regardless of what you decide to do, Congratulations!