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Short Notice Menu

Our Short Notice Menu was designed for those individuals who are planning a dinner for a large group at the spur of the moment. (We have provided this service in as short as 24-hour notice but would prefer as much notice as possible). Or, for the individual who wants to entertain and doesn’t feel the need to custom design his/her menu.

Our Short Notice Menu is derived from The Crystal Lake Catering Company’s sister company’s menu. Elberto’s Taqueria prepareds Mexican food each and every day throughout the summer. So it is simple for us at Elberto’s to  prepare delicious, casual, festive and very easy to serve Mexican foods. Here we offer our guests a Party-In-A-Box. It’s a Mexican Fiesta!It includes everything but the music.

It enables you entertain in the comfort of your own home, your back yard, on the beach, or where ever you choose. You can avoid the hassles of trying to find a restaurant that can easily and willingly accommodate your large party. During the busiest time of the year, most restaurants can barely keep up serving standard four, six and eight tops. So serving 12 or more is creates difficulty for both you and the restaurant, typically.

Not only does this service provide a tasty, casual, festive and colorful Mexican meal, but it can include:

  • Professional service including set-up, break-down, bar tending, culinary, table side service
  • Rental of optional catering equipment like chafers, sterno, service utensils, etc,
  • Food-service supplies like earth friendly  compostable plates, drink ware and cutlery
  • Delivery and pick up
  • If the following menu doesn’t meet your needs, please go to our Custom Menu Suggestions. These items may not have the short turnaround time, but many are items with which we have had much success.

Please download our short notice menu guide here.