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Elberto’s Taqueria & Taco Truck Manager

Elberto’s Taqueria and Taco Truck
Management Team

Job Description

Full-time position from mid-May through mid-October. You are expected to prepare and manage the preparation of food for the Taqueria and the Taco Truck. This includes the prep cooking in our commercial kitchen as well as the line cooking in the Taqueria and in the Taco Truck.

As a management team, you set the standard of quality, not only, in the food, but in the working environment as well. We expect top quality food as well as kind, courteous and professional interaction with employees and customers alike. You must be proactive, when ever possible, and reactive in a way that is positive and productive. You must perform professionally, swiftly and accurately as you manage a number of daily responsibilities and tasks with limited errors.

Responsibilities, but not limited to:

Recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling and managing food preparation, line cooks and cashier
Planning, preparing and directing the preparation of food
Line cooking and cashiering at Taqueria and/or Food Truck
Cash register control and daily deposits
Creating new and modifying current menus
Determining food costs and food prices
Striving to achieve profitable food and labor costs
Maintaining clean and functional culinary equipment, commercial kitchen and food truck
Prepare and store food that complies with the Michigan Health Dept.
Applying for, and contracting food truck activities at farmer’s market, festivals and private events

Expectations, but not limited to:

Develop and maintain a professional and positive working environment
Maintain food and labor costs at roughly 25% -to- 35% of gross sales
Properly label and store food so that it is served in its optimal condition
Keep up with ever changing food trends and best practices
Write the employee schedule including yourself. You must be present a lot during while operating but not all of the time

Compensation Package

Rate of Pay
Commensurate with experience and skill level

Profit Share
An open book policy. Monthly share of the profit paid in the second pay period of each month
Bonuses based upon empirical data from monthly profit and loss statements
Food costs
Labor Costs
Gross Sales
Employee retention

Stock Option
20% of each paycheck can be converted to stock in Elberto’s Taqueria.

Optional business deductions from salary can include and not limited to:
Monthly expense account for dinning out under Research & Development
Mileage expense under Mileage
Housing expense under Housing

Meal Plan: Each shift you work you are eligible for a free meal.
Optional Research & Development expense account
Optional Mileage expense account