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Elberta is a beautiful, quiet village nestled between Lake Michigan and Betsie Bay. It rests just below the Elberta Dune and just a mile south on M-22 from Frankfort, one of northern Michigan’s hottest growing destinations. This just in! It is also the home to an incredible business opportunity you’ve got to hear about!

Since 2013, the company Northern Delights has made its home in Elberta. In this naturally beautiful location, the company has prepared foods that are comparable to the beauty in which it is surrounded. The Northern Delights’ standard starts with fresh, healthy ingredients, love and passion for preparing and serving colorful food that nourishes its customers and its natural environment.

In 1990, Jim Barnes bought an over-the-counter Bakery & Deli called Northern Delights. Northern Delights was founded in 1984 by a few progressive women (sometimes referred to as hippies) who had exemplary values and principles. Each day they recycled, composted, cultivated their herb garden, baked old world style breads with organic ingredients and prepared healthy vegetarian meals to go. With a degree in Philosophy and the founder of a Green party in college, Barnes enthusiastically adopted these strong and beautiful women’s daily practices. Their company was founded on sound principles and progressive daily habits and Barnes was committed to the cause. Accepting his marching orders, Barnes soon thereafter, incorporated a beer and wine license, table side service and renamed the company Northern Delights Cafe, Bakery and Deli.

In 1999, he closed the cafe, bakery and deli to create The Roadhouse, a Mexican Bar and Grill as well as The Crystal Lake Catering Co. In 2003, he sold The Roadhouse but continued to cater. Today Northern Delights does business as The Crystal Lake Catering Company and Elberto’s Taqueria, which was formed in 2013 when Barnes relocated the company to Elberta. Northern Delights is a progressive food service company with a triple bottom line that strives for profitability on three fronts: financial, environmental and social.

After almost 30 years in the business, Barnes is looking to hire and train a fearless leader(s) inspired to spearhead the movement, earn equity, share ownership and/or eventually have full and complete ownership. That’s right! We’re talking about an opportunity for a like minded, hard working, kind, courteous, ambitious professional to earn equity and share in the profits of a successful business. This kind of thing doesn’t come around often, which is why we’re so excited to share it with you.

To top it off, the businesses operate less than 100 yards away from Elberta’s Thursday morning Farmers Market. This is the physical location of Elberto’s Taqueria and the commercial kitchen from which the Crystal Lake Catering Company’s food is prepared. To be able to pick up your weekly order and place next week’s order and pick up this weeks order from your favorite local farmers right across the street from your kitchen is a chef’s ultimate dream. The catering company’s brides and grooms couldn’t be any more please too.

One of Barnes’ Crystal Lake Catering slogans is “Authentically Northern Michigan”. He is spot on. Many meals prepared in Elberta from ingredients grown by the farmers who sell at the farmer’s markets are about as “authentic” as you can get to northern Michigan food and culture. Barnes has the good fortune to prepare and celebrate “authentic” northern Michigan food and culture on a weekly basis with brides and grooms who crave just this experience to share with their wedding reception’s guests.

Barnes says his experience preparing colorful and healthful food, that provides his customers with positive energy and nourishment to thrive, is his favorite part of the job. He says, that “there is a world of foods derived from beautiful cultures that prepare whole, fresh and nutritious foods. These foods whet my palette for more and more each and every day I go to work. It’s a great honor and privilege to prepare and serve fresh and local foods inspired by the colors and flavors of foods from other cultures to our loyal customers here in Northern Michigan.” Like all artwork, food has unlimited room for exploration and growth. He is always exploring, creating and growing.

This is another one of those opportunities – a chance for Barnes to offer a passionate, like-minded leader a stake in his company so that they may collectively grow Northern Delights and its positive (delicious!) impact on the northern Michigan region. Look below to links for detailed job descriptions and compensation packages.

Northern Delights’ Executive Chef


Elberto’s Taqueria and Taco Truck Management Team


Crystal Lake Catering Company’s Chef


Elberta Life Saving Station solid venue

This entire winter has been wacky. Wacky it was today as well. I sea kayaked the entire north shore of Crystal Lake. It definitely felt like a late summer day without all of the people and activities. Betise bay wedding reception siteI slept with the windows down last night. Its still winter!

Before a visit to the Colorado Rockies, I took this shot of the Elberta Life Saving Station. My buddy Ross fixed all of the windows and doors as you can see his construction materials. We catered about 7-10 gigs there last year and hope to do about as many this year too.   This place is one of Benzie’s premier wedding reception sites. Beach ceremonies are commonly conducted nearby at either the Elberta Beach or Frankfort Beach. Have your wedding ceremony on the beach and host your reception near by at The Elberta Life Savings station. You’ll be happy you did, especially if you have The Crystal Lake Catering Company share northern Michgan’s best with you and your guests.

For more information, go to: http://crystallakecatering.com/community/venues